An Edible Adventure from Farm to Table

Go behind the scenes of our family-run business and learn what it takes to grow all our food and flowers. Tour our farm and greenhouses, get your hands dirty, and enjoy a meal from the land. 

Growing food is an adventure, it’s an exploration deep into the ground, and a continuous relationship with nature that proves it’s importance. Join the family of Winderberry as we lead you through our greenhouses, farm and cafe. We’ll talk about the steps of their operation from seed germination, rooting out and transplanting, as well as greenhouse and field production of the flowers and vegetables. You’ll even get a chance to get your hands in their soil. We’ll share with you our integrated farm systems, from the living compost pile to the ‘annualized geo-solar’ veggie greenhouse. Your tour will all come together with a celebration in eating. We will serve you a lovely farm-to-plate lunch and send you home with an edible souvenir.

Travel CV- Edible Acres Farm Tours

Each month offers an ever-changing landscape and new seasonal flavour from the farm.

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