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Our garlic is certified organic and grown in Windermere. We plant in the fall, into rich soil with our own farm made compost and certified organic chicken manure. We grow 16 different kinds and have enjoyed getting to know all these garlics over the years. Some have a stronger garlic flavour, leave more heat in your bite, some have large cloves making it easy to cook with because of less peeling and some have smaller cloves, giving you the option for smaller meals and salad dressings. Enjoy looking at all our varieties and reading the descriptions. Let us know if you have any questions. We will ship until Thanksgiving, weather dependent and then it will be pick up only, as we can’t ship when the temperatures are below freezing.

yugoslavianYugoslavian - Porcelain

A hardy, rich, garlicky, hot, strong Porcelain hardneck garlic. Yugoslavian Porcelain is common in the Okanagan and the Kootenays of British Columbia. Yugoslavian Porcelain is one of our hottest Porcelains. Grows and keeps well. It usually has 3 to 5 cloves. Yugoslavian Porcelain expresses all the characteristics of porcelains, pleasant white bulb wrappers, titanic cloves, far-fetched heat, and predictable symmetry, Yugoslavian Porcelain consistently provides the most symmetrical bulbs.

polishPolish - Porcelain

A hardy, rich, garlicky, hot, strong Porcelain hardneck garlic.. Harvests early-mid summer – stores into spring. Polish Hardneck is a large, beautiful and well-formed porcelain garlic similar to Northern White. Its flavor is rich, deep and musky and it has a searing punginess that sticks around for a long time. Good hot strong long storing garlic. It came from Poland and likes cold weather

red-russianRed Russian - Purple Stripe

Hot but not a scorcher…………. The distinctive wrapper leaves of these big bulbs are slightly purple. Tolerates a wide range of soil moisture and growing conditions. Medium to broad leaves and scapes that do a playful dance rather than curling tightly. Averages 6-8 large cloves that are fairly consistent in size. The bulb pops easily and there are very few double cloves, which is a great boon to commercial growers.

chesnok-redChesnok Red - Purple Stripe

A true medium hardneck garlic that is sweet when roasted. Harvests early-mid summer and stores through mid-winter. Chesnok Red is from the Republic of Georgia in the former USSR. It is a full flavored garlic with a mellow aftertaste that sticks around nicely for a while. Best baking garlic and a great all-around garlic. It is the sweetest roasting garlic of them all.

persian-starPersian Star - Purple Stripe

A true medium hardneck garlic that is sweet when roasted. Harvests mid summer – stores about 6 months. Persian Star is a perhaps the most beautiful of the standard group of Purple Stripes with its thick white bulb wrappers that are streaked with purple as you peel away the outer wrappers. They originated in one of those central Asian Islamic republics that were once part of the USSR. They are a full flavored garlic with only a small bite to them and are more mellow than hot as are most other standard Purple Stripes. If you are a true garlic gourmet you owe it to yourself to get a few of these.

rocky-redRocky Red - Purple Stripe

Best all round cooing garlic.
A true medium hardneck garlic that is sweet when roasted.
Adapted to our East Kootenay soils.

metechiMetechi - Marbled Purple Stripe

Great Bulbs of Fire! Harvests mid summer and stores through winter. Metechi is one of the most fabulous garlics in the world. These great fireballs store much better, firmer and longer. This garlic has HUGE flavor. If you love big, beautiful, bold and powerful garlic that grows like a weed and stores like a rock, this is the one for you.

genkaiGenkei - Asiatic

Hardy, rich and hot garlic. Long keeper, lasting up to 10 month. Considered a ‘weakly bolting hardneck’ and late to emerge from ground in the spring. Unique garlic flavour

tibetan-asiaticTibetan - Asiatic

A hardy, rich, garlicky, hot, Asiatic garlic. The cloves are huge, and the garlic is STRONG, pungent & spicy. The longer it sits in your mouth, the nuttier it gets. And when you’re a garlic nut, that’s a very good thing. On average have 8-10 cloves per bulb. Beautiful purple wrappers that cover each clove and store well into winter.

north-quebecNorthern Quebec - Porcelain

Hotter then most. Strong growing Porcelain in a wide range of climates and conditions, making it a good choice for gardeners and farmers. Slender, regal leaves and a well curled scape. Be attentive to soil moisture levels but Northern Quebec has a greater tolerance for wet and dry than most Porcelains. Averages 4-5 large cloves per bulb. While the outer wrappers are brilliant white the clove skins often tend toward purple, though they can be white as well.

windy-whiteWindy White - Porcelain

A true medium hardneck garlic that is sweet when roasted. A white hardneck garlic that has been grow in Windermere, BC soils for 20 years.

cali-silverCalifornia Silverskin - Artichoke

Large, symmetrical bulbs, nice for braiding. Large, sometimes slightly flattened bulbs. Can be very vigorous and productive variety. Few stem bulbils. Mild flavor makes this one a good choice for eating raw or for those who prefer garlic flavor without the heat!

spanish-rojaSpanish Roja - Rocambole

A rich, hot, strong Rocambole Garlic. Harvests early-mid summer – stores through fall into winter. Spanish Roja, an heirloom garlic, (a garden plant whose lineage can be traced for a 100 years or more) came to the Portland, Oregon area over a hundred years ago and was originally known as Greek Blue garlic. Its flavor is very strong, hot and spicy and sticks around for a long time. It seems to have an especially rich taste. Rocamboles grow better in cold winter gardens. Great taste is their claim to fame, not long storage.

montana-giantMontana Giant - Rocambole

As big as a Montana Sky! Harvests early-mid summer – stores through fall into winter. Montana Giant is a Rocambole Hardneck. It has a full rich flavor, with sweet overtones. It produces consistently large bulbs, with big flavor. Grows well in the Kootenay climates.

killarny-redKillarney Red - Rocambole

A rich, hot, strong Rocambole Garlic! Harvests early-mid summer – stores through fall into winter. Killarney Red’s source of origin is unknown and is thought to have come from German Red or Spanish Roja, but is said to grow better than both these days. It is a generally good sized and can be a rather large garlic. Being a Rocambole garlic, its flavor is very strong, hot and spicy and sticks around for a long time. It has thin bulb wrappers that have a lot of purple and brown in them. Easy to grow Rocambole for northerly growers.