Edibles Catering

Locally sourced farm-fresh dishes. Available Seasonally.

Want someone to cater your party, event or celebration? Edibles Café and Catering will bring you a creative, tasty menu that will be sure to make your event successful and please your guests. Fun seasonal appetizer menus are available upon request.

About Edibles Catering

Food has this magical ability of bringing people together like no other.

Our Chef Randy MacSteven has 15 years catering experience in the Columbia Valley, and is ready to help you make your event a memorable one! Along with our event Chef’s and staff you are sure to be presented with inspiring food creations, concentrated on seasonal menus rooted in farm to fork practices.

Sample Appetizer Menu

V- vegetarian    GF- gluten free    GFR- gluten free upon request

Baked brie with roasted garlic and local pepper jelly encased in phyllo V

small( for 4-6) $16.00          large(for 10-14) $30.00

-add crostini’s and or GF crackers sm. $6.00 | lg. $8.00

Coconut shrimp with oriental dipping sauce   $22.00 per dozen GFR

Crab cakes with a herb garlic aioli   $19.00 per dozen GFR

Caramelized onion and gorgonzola tartlets   $16.00 per dozen V

Bacon wrapped dates   $19.00 per dozen GF

Local beef and mini Yorkshire pudding skewers   $22.00 per dozen

Meatballs with choice of teriyaki BBQ or tomato herd sauce GFR

-beef   $20.00 per dozen

-beef  and pork   $20.00 per dozen

-bison   $22.00 per dozen

Potato pancake   $23.00 per dozen GF

-pork tenderloin medallion with garlic aioli

-curry chicken medallion with tzatziki

-bourbon maple glazed salmon with dill crème fresh

Mini Quiche   $22.00 per dozen

-farmer’s vegetable patch |seasonal veggies from the farm|  V

-meatacular |salami|beef|sausage

-chicken fennel mushroom

-bacon broccoli thyme

Spanakopita- choice of individual pillows or phyllo cups   $20.00 per dozen V

Beet and goat cheese towers   $20.00 per dozen V GF

Lemon chicken skewers with dill crème fresh   $19.00 per dozen GF

Potato parcels   $17.00 per dozen V

-mashed potato in a crispy wonton wrapper with herb infused butter

Sliders   $23.00 per dozen GFR

-shaved beef with edibles hot herd sauce

-mini beef burger with beet ketchup

-pulled pork with Asian slaw

-curry kale burger with edibles hot herb sauce V





Delicious Catering options for every event – from Weddings, Events, Family Gatherings, and more!

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