Edibles Café

What’s On (Our Menu)

We will have specials throughout the season, because some mouthwatering, straight off-the-farm, delicious creations, cannot be planned! Our menu is built around the fresh produce off our Edibles Farm and what is available to us here locally, as we are committed to supporting a local food system


Breakfast at the Café served till 11:30am

Have you heard about our Eggs Benny? They are a must!

Eggs Benny with fruit side $11.00 for half|$18.00 for full|$27.00 for Trio|

All Eggs Benny are served on a gluten free potato pancake

~Bacon Tomato Benny
|potato pancake|bacon|tomato|poached egg|house made hollandaise sauce|

~Sausage Tomato Benny
|potato pancake|house made sausage patty|tomato|poached egg|house made hollandaise sauce|

~Spinach Tomato Benny V
|potato pancake|spinach|tomato|poached egg|house made hollandaise sauce|

~Avocado Tomato Benny V
|potato pancake|avocado|tomato|poached egg|house made hollandaise sauce|

*Watch for other, original farm-fresh Benny specials when we are inspired with whats growing and good.

Benny Bowl with fruit side|$14.00|add an egg for $2.00|

|sliced potato pancake|bacon|spinach|cherry tomato|hollandaise drizzle|

Breakfast Naan $17.00

|scrambled egg|hashbrowns|bacon|provolone cheese|salsa|

On the fly? Our breakfast scones and fresh daily muffins are always a hit.


Café Lunch Menu~Grill closes at 4:00pm each day

V- vegetarian GF- gluten free
*All meals are available as take out

Daily soup served with warm cornbread $8.00 cup|$10.00 bowl GF

Naan wrap $17.00|$20.00 with choice of soup or salad

All Naan is rolled fresh to order. Gluten free Naan available on request for $3.00

~Pulled pork
|local pork|house slaw|tomato|greens|maple apple cider sauce|

~Shaved beef
|local roast beef|caramelized onion|tomato|greens|swiss cheese|horseradish Dijon butter sauce|

|local chicken|bacon|tomato|greens|provolone cheese|roasted red pepper garlic sauce|

|local turkey|tomato|greens|red lentil Dahl sauce|

~Falafel (vegan)
|crispy golden chickpea round|pickled onion|tomato|slaw|greens|miso carrot sauce|

~Unwrapped $20.00 GF
All wraps can be transformed into a delicious GF salad with warm cornbread
|lettuce mix|*dressing|

Burger Naan~

~J2 Ranch Wagyu Beef
|beef patty|tomato|greens|provolone cheese|roasted garlic scape dip|

~Black bean V
|black bean carrot patty|tomato|greens|provolone cheese|roasted garlic scape dip|

~Smoked Beet(vegan)
|Beet brown rice patty|avocado|tomato|greens|vegan mayo|

Spinach pie $12.00|$15.00 with choice of soup or salad V

|spinach|onion|feta cheese|dill|

Fresh salads available daily with all the delicious fresh certified organic veggies coming off the farm!

Finish it off with a little something sweet out of our display cooler!


Drinks Menu

Drip Coffee

|12oz md. $3.25|16oz lg. $3.50|refill $1.00


|Double $3.00|


|$3.80 all sizes|


|8oz $4.50|12oz $5.50|16oz $6.00|

Mocha~made with Kootenay Meadows Chocolate Milk

|12oz $6.00|16oz $6.25|


|12oz $5.50|16oz $6.00|

Chai Latte

|12oz $5.50|16oz $6.00|
make it dirty for a $1.50

Coconut Chai

|12oz $5.50|16oz $6.00|

Golden Milk Latte

|12oz $5.50|16oz $6.00|
golden elixir of organic turmeric|cardamom|ginger|cayenne|

Vietnamese Coffee

|12oz $5.50|16oz $6.00|
sweet rich steamed milk with espresso

Matcha Latte

|12oz $5.50|16oz $6.00|
finely ground green tea leafs with steamed milk

London Fog

|12oz $5.50|16oz $6.00|

Hot Chocolate

|8oz $4.00|12oz $4.75|16oz $5.50|


Local Loose Leaf tea from Tea etc. in Invermere.

Home-made Iced Tea

|$2.50 a glass|
made with a blend of Silk Road Tea

Home-made Lemonade

All our coffees are brewed and pulled from Kicking Horse Coffee
We use Kootenay Meadows Organic Milk
Soy milk, Almond Milk, Oat milk and Coconut milk