Edibles Café

Our Products

We are committed to providing fresh, creative, feel good food. A variety of fresh salads, soups and sandwiches will be available daily along with various baked treats, fruit pies, salsa’s and dips.

In addition to our in house menu we have many other food and drink options available.


Baked Goods

Baked goods are always available and freshly made. Everything is made from scratch using farm-fresh eggs, organic flours, sugars, oats, coconut and the list goes on!

| fresh fruit pies | feature cakes | muffins | scones | cookies | granola bars | and more |



You don’t often hear about Edibles Café without a mention of our famous garlic scape dip!

Come in a check out our variety of house-made dips and dressings that are ready for you to take home and enjoy!

| garlic scape | roasted red pepper garlic | salsa | bruschetta | hummus | spinach artichoke | and more |


Farm-to-Fork meals to go

Our retail freezer is stocked full of house made meals for those nights you can just not bring yourself to cook. We have your health and taste buds in mind with these family-friendly favorites.

| beef and veggie lasagnas | butter chicken | pot pies | farmers casserole | beef burrito bake | meat and veggie burgers | chicken stripes | pulled pork | meatballs | and more |



A variety of fresh and frozen soups are packaged and ready to go. All soups are house made, gluten free and packed full of feel good ingredients!


Edible’s Raised Pork

Our desire to use humanely-raised and hormone-free meat began our venture into raising pigs in the spring of 2016. We started with two Berkshire cross piglets, named them Millie and Georgie. We loved them, we cared for them well, and in the fall we loaded them up in the trailer, took them to the butcher, and through a teary goodbye, we said thank you! It was a humbling and thought-provoking process. When it came time to sit down around the dinner table and feast on the fruits of our labor, our appreciation while eating ‘our pigs’ was immeasurable. We exchanged stories of Millie and Georgie and took the time to eat our meal with intention.

In Spring 2017 we took the plunge again and four new piglets arrived on the farm. This time with the goal of providing compassionately raised pork for not only our families, but our Café too.  We called them The Piggies, and we loved and cared for them just the same!

At Edibles Café we are excited to be serving meat to our customers who can be confident in knowing where the pork comes from.